Removing unwanted hair can be a life-long chore. Luckily, now there are options to stop hair from growing, such as laser hair removal. This method of removing unwanted hair is one of the fastest-growing skin care treatments because it’s effective, quick, and convenient. It has minimal side effects and discomfort. It’s important to note that laser hair removal results in hair reduction, not a permanent removal. Your body will still generate hair but at a reduced capacity that is much easier to manage. And with more laser hair removal treatments, you can target those areas as well.

Laser hair removal is offered by Mountain Surgical Arts & Aesthetics in Helena. Below, we’ll briefly go over some of the benefits of laser hair removal. Contact our skin care clinic today to get started!



Laser hair removal has been proven to result in a reduction in hair growth. It works by shining a concentrated light source onto your skin. This light source contains a good amount of energy, which results in heat. This heat is absorbed by your body’s cells and damages its ability to grow hair. Since hair grows in cycles, you will need multiple treatments to achieve the full effect you desire.

Saves You Time & Money

Shaving daily can take up a good bit of time, and if you miss spots, you may have to go back and re-shave. And if you nick yourself, you’ll need a band-aid most likely. You’ll also save money as well in razors, replacement blades, shaving creams, and more that you need to shave every day. If you’ve been waxing, you’ll save money on those appointments as well.

No More Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are the result of shaved hair growing underneath the skin rather than through the skin. These can be painful, and they may swell and even form unsightly pus-filled blisters. They usually go away on their own, but they are annoying to say the least.


If you are ready to drastically reduce shaving from your daily routine, give Mountain Surgical Arts & Aesthetics in Helena a call today. Our aestheticians are highly trained and experienced and can answer any questions you may have. We can also advise you on which skin care treatments are right to meet your skin care goals. We love helping our clients reach their skin care goals, and we can offer advice on home care regimens as well. If you are looking for the best skin care treatments, from Botox and Fractora to laser hair removal and more, contact our skin care clinic today!


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